Home not found. Define system property "wildfireHome" or create and add

I solved this problem,

just remove the wildfire software and directory ( rpm -e wildfire , rmdir), delete all remaining scripts located on /etc/rc.d/rc.local that are related to wildfire " if possible stop ( remove ) the service in graphical mode as well ".

Trick - DO NOT configure wildfire to boot on the startup, it will probably fuck up all over again, start it manually from the konsole ( cd /opt/wildfire/bin, ./wildfire start )…

sounds like you might have been having problems with wildfired script (boot on startup)?

i am not using rpm but have manually configured wildfired in /etc/init.d on redhat and wildfire starts at boot up without any issues.

if you look in the wildfired script that comes in bin/extra, there is a WILDFIRE_USER var being set. i’'ve seen problems at bootup if the ownership of the wildfire install is not changed to match the WILDFIRE_USER, so, assuming your install dir is /opt/wildfire, and the user/group that own wildfire is jive/jive, you would need to run the following:

chown -R jive:jive /opt/wildfire