Hopefully simple questions about PEP

I’m new to openfire and jabber in general so I only have a vague idea of what’s going on with all the messages. With that said, this is what I’d like to do using openfire:

  1. I have a perl daemon server that has knowledge of what a user is doing. The daemon can get access to the openfire user db and be able to match up the incoming data to the user so it knows exactly who is doing what. I’d like to convert that daemon to an openfire external component.

  2. Can this new external component send out PEP (Personal Event Publishing) messages on behalf of all the users?

  3. Lets say UserA is not logged in as a client to openfire, but UserA is doing something that the perl daemon knows about, and the perl daemon writes out a PEP on behalf of UserA. Is the fact that UserA not logged in to jabber prevent other logged in people from getting the PEP updates?

  4. As a side note, I’d be creating a small custom client to handle the incoming messages