Hopefully simple Spark skinning question

So I’ve read the information on here - specifically LG’s document which have all been very helpful. I have replaced all the relevant image files and am almost happy with the results. However there are some gaps - like the blue borders, and the general look of the client, the sharp corners etc. I notice some custom style sheets in spark.jar, listed under \themes\pin, themes\renkoo2.3, and themes\Satin.AdiumMessageStyle. I can’t find anything else in terms of graphics files or .css files.

Am I in the right general area - what do these “themes” folders actually represent? Should I be looking anywhere else - and is it even possible to make further changes to the skin?

Cheers, Nick

The main skinning files are located in:

  1. build/lib/dist/syntheticaBlueMoon.jar
  2. build/lib/dist/synthetica.jar

Remember once editing them, zip them back up and rename to .jar and replace the ones already there, rebuild and it should come out how you expected,


Thanks, got those ok now. What is still missing is the “main” roster background - in 2.5.8 it was plain, in 2.6.0 it is a very pale blue. I’d really like to change this as the blue is not one of our corporate colours. But I can’t for the life of me see where it is getting this background from - image file, theme, style sheet? Ideally I’d like to be able to have a branded watermark effect there. I know it seems like a minor thing, but these things are important to the branding police y’know… This is the latest SVN, and I’m NOT using system look and feel… If you can help me with the source of this background I’d be eternally grateful…

Thanks, Nick

I’ve been searching as well and cannot find the panel backgrounds. Can anyone tell me where to change it?