Hosted conferencing?

I have setup my openfire server for “hosted” clients. By that, I mean that when a user signs in, they see a fixed contact list of other users in their company and can only message those people (all the subscriptions are locked on the server side).

The issue I am having is with conferencing - how do I set it up so that users from company A can only see rooms created by other company A users? Can I setup conferencing based on the subdomain of the jid? For example, all JID’s that end in get one view of the conference server and all JID’s that end in get another?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - this is the final piece of the hosted IM puzzle I’m missing with openfire.


Openfire 3.6.0 version is introducing multiple conference services (and with permissions management as i understand). But 3.6.0 has some issue when upgrading from older versions. Not in all cases, but still, you should make a backup of older installation first. Clean installation should work i think. Or maybe it’s better to wait for 3.6.0a fix. I cant tell that these multiple conferences will fit you for sure, havent tried myself yet.