Hosting server


is there any chat hosting server available where i can install Wildfire and can run its services so that i can run wildfire and spark combination.



Hi Rita,

did you visit ?

Anyhow I’'m not sure if these hosting providers do also host Wildfire.


If your only after a few users I can stick you on ours if thats any use?

You won’‘t get admin access, but if your after a simple client / chat system your welcome. Got all the plugins on there that are open source / free, and don’'t use beta server builds.

We do however use the client autoupdate thing and will run the latest spark client (beta or production) that if you don’‘t upgrade will get annoying as it’'ll ask you each logon. SSL connections only (but spark will just sort that automatically).

It’‘s up all day and most eve’‘s, but occasionally goes off for a reboot during the late eve / over night UK time so you’'d all get bounced.

By few users I mean less than 20 btw. If thats any use then drop me a mail.




Jive Software provides hosting of Wildfire. If you’'re interested, please email