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Hostname Issue

Hello Everyone:

I have a problem where I would like Jive to register as a different domain name than the server’'s internal host name.

Here is the setup:

Internal hostname of the Jive server : avalon.domain.com

External hostname : talk.domain.com

Jive is running on a FC4 box (everything working fine as expected)

There is a local DNS server running, and an external DNS server running.

The local DNS server has an entry for talk.domain.com pointing to the local IP address of the box (same for avalon.domain.com). The external DNS server has an entry for talk.domain.com pointing to our static IP.

I want users to connect only as username@talk.domain.com – this is working fine both from the internal network and from the outside net. The problem is that Jive lists the Server Name: as avalon.domain.com.

This becomes an issue because when I try to publish a conference room, it doesn’'t appear at conference.talk.domain.com, but at conference.avalon.domain.com (took me a while to troubleshoot this issue). Therefore, in Pandion if a user is logged in as username@talk.domain.com – they will not see any conference rooms listed. They have to manually change the conference server address.

I would appreciate any help resolving this issue. Running Jive 2.2.2