Hotkey again?

Hello World,

i am blown away by how cool spark and openfire interact and I have given it to my users without any instructions, just to let them play with it - and it works!

Thanks for that!

now to my problem:

I want to issue to my users some kind of status-torch (like a Desk light - with 3 colours (Red, Yellow, Green)

I want this thing to have 3 buttons, available, away, dnd. If they press one of the buttons the according light fires up - so everyone in the room knows, they need some quiet…

I realize this via an arduino uno which connects as keyboard - so i want this keyboard as well to set their spark status. So far i found several entries in this forum that indicate that there once were hotkesy for spark, but i do not find those pages…

Does anyone know how to use hotkeys to set a user-status in spark?

I allready tried manipulating things with AutoIt but as it is a java window, i can only use mouse commands and that is teribly unreliable.

Thankf for all the fish


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Spark User Guide (revised) mentions a few shortcuts. Old guide also had shortcuts for accessing Notes and Tasks, but i haven’t heard about shortcuts to set the status.

hi, thanks,

that does not realy help me… do you know of any other way to set the status of a user, via html or api?

If so can you or anyone else provide some sample code?



The link was just to illustrate that there is no shortcut for status change mentioned in the official guides. I don’t know of a way to set it via HTML/API and i think this is almost 100% that there is no API for this. Can’t provide a code as i’m not a developer myself. So you will have to wait, but i doubt someone will share anything like this on this forum (not very active with developers).

Hi Thanks for the fast reply, do you have any idea where I can go or whom I can talk to, to get what I need?

Not sure. Some forums for java developers maybe, but i don’t know if anyone will want to dig through Spark source to answer your question. Or you can hire some java developer to do this (local or through various internet sites like