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How about the capability of openfire

who can say the capability of openfire,and the hardware.

eg. which hardware level can support how many client online.

i want about 1500 clinet online at one time.

thanks a lot.


Just mentioning how many connected clients is not enough information to determine how much hardware you need. For example, are these users mostly idle? How many s2s connections will you have? etc…

If these thousand users will be doing “normal” things, I would suggest 1.5 GB of memory and a modern fast CPU would be sufficient. You should consider benchmarking your setup to ensure it can handle that number of clients. For openfire, there should be no limitation in code for that number.



Thank you for your help.It helps me much.

These users are mostly idle.They must use the IM client online when working time.And the number of the users is about 800-1200.So I asked how much hardware need for about 1500 clinet connections .