How allow only None and Both subscription types?

I’m curious…How to restrict sub types only to none and both to emulate subscripton model where only mutual subscription is possible or none at all.

Consider all users are on one local domain. we can catch moment when contact accepts user’s request and automatically set both roster items into sub=both.

This model similar to models social networks are using.

I barely understand how to do it. Two possible ways:

  1. Use custom PresenceSubscribeHandler class

  2. Implement RosterEventListener.

Any thoughts?

I am not sure if what you are asking is possible with current versions of software that is available. The subscription plugin will allow you to automatically accept roster addition requests. If you configure the plugin to accept local all users of the local domain will be automatically allowed to be added to a users roster.

Thanks for the answer, but this is not what I want. I want to emulate for ex. Facebook’s subscription model or something.