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How and where can you tell that AD (Ldap) is working with Wildfire?

Hi there,

How and where can you tell that Ldap is working with Wildfire?

Theres no mention of it in the logs area.

I can view ldap via the ldap browser but its not popuating in the admin console.

  1. When I do a search on the server area or in spark it doesnt search AD?

  2. Do I have to add users manually in Wildfire first before it retreives data from AD?

  3. Also under system properties in the console, > xmpp.domain > Is that my wildfire server address ? or my ldap server address?

Ive checked a few posts on the forums and everyone seems to have different opinions and Ive tried some and it didnt work for me.

Any help would be great.

Here’’ is my current config.

completely wrong forum, and a duplicate post, see http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=121281