How are password created

I have a webpage that I would like to intergrate Openfire into. When a user creates a password for my site I would like that password to be the same for the Openfire im server. Is there an API call or what format (encryption) is the password stored?




You should look into using the UserService plugin. You can make a local HTTP request to create the account on your Openfire server.

Directly editing the database will conflict with Openfire’s caching of database information.


can you setup some sort of LDAP or authentication server for your site. Then bind openfire to it. You should be able to connect to a custom database for authentication.


we are also looking into how new users are generated.

Does the direct editing of the DB only effects the caching when you use the default database? How about external database servers?

In our case the easiest and most direct way would be creating a new entry in the user table because we already have an open database connection.

Also i dislike the way to first send a request to the http server which then creates the account for me from a performance wise view.


Openfire uses caching for external databases as well…

Regarding performance, I am not sure how making a simple HTTP call could be considered a performance concern? Are you making thousands of them per second?


Not thousands But in peak times we would need to generate about 130 per minute. Thats about 2 HTTP requests per second.

And a HTTP request is definitively more overhead then just writing one new row to a table, also this would reduce the error-proneness.

What conflics could occur when writing new users directly to the database?