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How can external jabber server connect to my internal jabber server using different domain name not configured for openfire server?

Hello all,

Our configuration requires that internal domain name (internal.com) space is not exposed to outside. So, we have published different domain name (i.e jabber.external.com) for external server to connect. I have configured site to site (s2s) with another company. But each time their company jabber server attempts to connect to our jabber server my internal jabber server successfully established the connection but does a dialback. It then refuses the connection stating that the hostname in the stream “jabber.external.com” is not known.

How can I configure the internal jabber server to accept connection when it is addressed to jabber.external.com.

Please help. Thanks in advance


I did not hear that Openfire supports alias names so I wonder if this is possible. Maybe one can write a plugin using a packet interceptor to change the domain name for all s2s connections.


Hi all,

What I see happening is that my internal openfire server only want to be addressed as its internal assigned domain name which is jabber.internaldomain.com. But, whenever the communication comes from the internal, the TCP stream contains the packet being addressed to jabber.externaldomain.com. This is actually the domain we have published for outside connections. So, it just refuses the connection because the internal openfire server is not configured with that name it is being addressed.

So, I really want to know if it is possible to have the internal openfire server recognize itself as jabber.externaldomain.com. This way, it does not see it as an unknown hostname/domain.

Thanks all in advance.