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How can I attach more data to a user account in Wildfire?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and to the Wildfire (Openfire) server. I need to add more details to the user accounts created in the Wildfire server. Currently I can only store the name and email address of new users (besides the username and password). Is it possible to attach more data to a user account (i.e other text fields like age, company …, images etc)?


does this means no one knows about this?

You could write directly to the jiveVcard table, but that’‘d be pretty ugly. Otherwise I think you’'d have to use an LDAP setup.

I am not sure how to use Jive VCard tables or LDAP, but many thanks for the pointers.


the web based gui allows you only to enter some basic information which has nothing to do with the vCard but this information (usename, name and email) is used to search for other users.

The vCard may contain much more information but one needs LDAP to query it or a client to create one, there’'s afaik no way to create vCards for users.