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How can I change my domain?

Running Openfire 3.4.5 with the internal database connected to a Novell eDirectory tree via LDAP. I am using a Novell group to prepopulate a shared roster. When I roll over a contact or view profile in Spark, it shows the JID as user@ How can I make it so that this is more meaningful such as our domain name like user@abc.def.com? I don’t want our users to get confused by I do not recall there being a setting for this in the initial setup although I may have just missed it since I put it up pretty quick. Would I have to purge the internal database somehow? The Openfire server is on our internal network and is not accessible from the external Internet.

Thanks in advance!

It would be easier to re-run the server setup than change it. There are so many variables. To re-run the setup edit your openfire.xml and change the this tag to match : <setup>false</setup> . You should do this with openfire not running. The restart openfire go to the admin site which will now be the setup wizard. On the second page enter the fully qualified domain name of the server as it appears in your DNS. See my attached photo. The nice thing is the rest of your settings from your previous config should be pulled from your openfire.xml and the database.

You will have to set the xmpp.domain property.

You can do this through the Admin console under the system properties tab.

This is not all you will have to do. You will need to replace the certificates as well and some other things. It is easier to walk through the setup again, usually.

Thanks, I reran the setup and that worked beautifully.