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How can I change the limit of java´s memory

How can I change the limit of java´s memory. I have a computer with 512 Mb and the limit show is 63,31. I have 181 users and i using the HSQLDB 1.8.0.

[/nobr]Welcome San,

create a vmoptions file like described in the Installation Guide in section Custom Parameters[/b].


For example, if i need the min 128 and max 256 just create a txt file with:



and save with the name wildfire-service.exe.vmoptions.txt in bin folder?

I need to restart server, ok ?

What do you think ? I have 181 users.

Hi San,

-Xmx256 not Xmz, so you’‘re running Wildfire as a service if you create this file. I’'d also add -verbose:gc to log the memory usage. Or you use a tool like jvmstat or visualgc to monitor it.

And yes, you must restart Wildfire to activate these parameters.





More doubts:

I don´t know if I runnig WildFire like a service. My SO is Windows XP Pro and the icon “WildFire Launcher” is in my All programs>Startup

Are you that the program starts like a service ? How can I do it ?

Hi San,

how to install Wildfire as a service is also described in the documentation. If you want to start Wildfire as soon as your server or PC starts without logging in then you’'ll love the service. It uses the wildfire-service.exe.vmoptions file.

Using the Launcher you must be logged on to run Wildfire, that’'s fine for testing. Then you need to name your file wildfired.exe.vmoptions .

You may also create both files.


Ok, Tks !!!

the name is wildfired.exe.vmoptions.txt ?

Hi San,

no, just a wildfired.exe.vmoptions file, so windows will recognize its type as “VMOPTIONS File”.



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