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How can i disable the chat history logging for every user?=

I mean when you logon, and click on a user, you see his chat history with every User.

How can I turn that off? Chat logging is not welcome.

Im using Openfire 3.64 on a Windows 2003 with a dedicated MySQL 5.

Spark history of conversations is a per user setting that each user can turn on and off at will in their spark preferences. This is not a function of the server. The server can log convesations but it is disabled by default, and generally requires the addition of certain plugins to enable readable logs.

Everyone see the chat history when he clicks on a user. Doesnt matter if off or online.

Because (?), the user is offline, I have allowed to send offline messages and you still can see that history,

Would you please explain me where is that then logged if not on the server?

Is it possible to disable it per default for every client? Perhaps:

I think I saw there a administration for clients plugin?

the history is stored on each users computer in their own indidvidual spark preference folder. the history is only for the users you have conversed with. there is no way to disable it by default for all users. there is no server control for this. each user must disable the history in their preferences.

some operating systems allow you to push files at login from an authentication server (windows Active Directory). this can be used to copy a preconfigured spark.preference file to each user. otherwise each user must make the change.