How can I do this if I am not a programmer?

OK so let’s start with some qualifiers…I am not a programmer. I do know some VB and very little java.

Now my problem is this. We had an employee that skinned our spark installer in some way, other than programming, to have our logo on it and to have our settings already in place. My boss wants me to discover how to do this so we can update our spark installer. We need to be able to change the server and some settings. Now the question is how? How can I do this if I am not a programmer and have no desire to to want to be a program?

we have spent 3 days on this so far and 1 of those days was reading about downloading the source code, which I am unable to do, and the other 2 where spent researching decompilling software, giant waste of time, There has to be an easier way to change the skin and put in our settings, even if it is an answer file or something. The employee that did this was not a developer, we should be able to replicate what he did without pulling all our hair out.

I’ve read and also These would be helpful if I was a programmer.

If this was long time ago, then he could use now obsolete skinning service. And it was paid service. I dont know if existing clients are still supported. You can try contacting Jive sales if you have paid for skinning.

As about last two documents. It requires savvy user, not a programmer, to build your own Spark build. I’m not a programmer, but i do build svn versions.

Well I was able to get some help from another user and I finally got the source files downloaded and am using netbeans…working fine…thanks eveyone for your help or interest. for those who need help getting the source code get httrack and it makes it easy…

thanks Scott

Well. It’s easier to get source (and only updated source part on every update) with special SVN clients. I use RapidSVN. TortoiseSVN is more easier.