How can I increase openfire logging output?

I have installed openfire 3.7.0 on windows and configured it to use my LDAP directory. However I am unable to log in to the administration console. I am using the embeded DB. The error message is not very helpful:

2012.01.09 12:02:29 User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed for: myusername

Is there a way to increase the log output in openfire - without logging in to the administation console? For example can I add a property to the database, or a configuration file or similar?

Did you enable LDAP debug logging as described here: de.html

Thanks. No I didn’t as I didn’t know it was an LDAP problem. It turns out I missed a ‘)’ in the LDAP search filter. It doesn’t seem like I should need to enable LDAP debug logging to diagnose a problem like a garbage search filter! Or at least some useful logging should be somewhere without doing this (like “error durring LDAP login” or something) so then at least I would know what logging to enable to get more details…