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How can I initialize some rosters?

Can I add some initial rosters into user’'s roster tree? That means when a user register an account, he will have some rosters already

Hey zey,

Have you seen the shared group functionality? If you hadn’'t then you should look at it since it may be what you are looking for.

You can create a group of users and configure it so that the group users may appear in the roster of all users or so that only the group users are able to see each other.


– Gato


That sounds like what I need to do. So with this in mind, how do you register a user to an existing group with XMPP?

Currently this is what I do to register a user:


This creates the user, but does not assign it to any group. Any direction on how to add a user to a group after creating the account would be much appreciated.


Hey Chris,

Currently shared groups are only managed from the Admin Console. Go to the Users/Groups section and click on Create New Group to create a new group. It is not possible for a client to add or remove users from a shared group.

If you are using public shared groups (ie. Show group in all users’’ rosters.) then after the user registered with the server you will see the group in the roster. But if you are using any of the other options then you will need to add the newly created user to a group.


– Gato

Okay so I can’‘t do it with XMPP at the moment, but is there any reason that I can’'t make an update to the database directly to get this to happen? This way I could send an http request to a webservice to take care of moving the user to be part of a group.

If you think this is reasonable, which tables would I need to update to get this to occur?




Instead of going directly to the database, I’'d recommend writing a plugin that talks directly to the Jive Messenger API to manage group membership. You could then expose the functionality as a web service.



I know this functionaility from Jabberd 2. There is an XML-File where JIDs and Names for the JIDs can be placed, if a new user gets created his roster will contain these defined JIDs.

Advantage: No need to define Shared Groups and no need to update these Shared Groups if a new user gets created

Disadvantage: If you have a new user how do you publish this user to the already created users? Not possible …

So I think Shared Groups a much better way to handle this

Hi,Gato, Thank you very much for your reply,that’'s really an exciting functionality, I will try it more and may ask some other questions. Hope for your help.Thanks.


I’‘m trying to use an aproach like what you’'re talking here.

I have two groups GROUP1 with USER1 on it and GROUP2, the idea is that members of GROUP1 can’'t see each other.

I put in “Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:” just GROUP2, but USER1 always sees members of his group. I’'m using PSI and if I take USER1 out of GROUP1, instantly GROUP1 disappears from the roster, and if I put it back it appears again.

Its this a normal behavior? Can’'t a user be restricted so it cannot see other users in his group?

Thanks in advance.