How can I join an existing MUC?


I want to join to an existing conference/chat on the wildfire server.

But when I make it like below, he makes a new conference with the name but does not join

the existing one, so that I have finally two conferences what I didn’'t want. I Just wanted to join the

existing one.

MultiUserChat startChat = new MultiUserChat(conn, “myroom@conference.”+HOSTNAME);


So can somebody tell what the code for joining an existing MUC is?? I have not found anything in the API…

can you not just call

MultiUserChat#join(String nick)


From your code it appears you are creating the room and then trying to join a different one!

Sorry my mistake. The Conference exists already on the wildfire Server. But how can I join the MUC without creating a new one.

With “MultiUserChat chat = new Chat…” I create a new Conference… but I want to join the existing ohne on the server

when u type “new MultiUserChat(…)” it creates a MultiUserChat object in your application; it does not create anything on the server.

You will be able to join the existing conference on the server by specifying the same room name as the one on the server.

Like what JonWright said, you seem to be operating on a different object when you try join the channel. More specifically, you created a startChat object but called joined on the originChat object. Have you tried startChat.join("…")?

ok thx a lot!