How can I modify user profile with Smack?


I am trying to edit user profile (such as nick name) using Smack after login.

I use openfire as IM server.

However, I think that Roster’s getEntry() method does’nt return the current

user’s RosterEntry. Is it right? Then how can I modify user’s nick name?

Furthermore, I hope to store more information about user (such as phone number, address, …)

But, It doesn’t look like that the Smack APIs don’t support this facilities. Then,

it it doesn’t support this, how can I solve this problem?

I need your helps.

Thank you in advance.



If you only want to store information about the current user, then you might be able to use the VCard class that is part of Smack. It won’t allow you to edit the information for other users though.

You could also try using the PrivateDataManager to store arbitrary data on the server, but you will need to handle the raw XML yourself.