How can I PARSE?

I am using a SPARK client which is getting service through a Wildfire server. I am also the admin. I want to see if it is possible to parse words on SPARK. For example:

if John types: “SC_WD” and sends is to Harry,

I want Harry to see : “Secret_Word”.

Basically I want to make Words equal to each other, for example:






I Dont know if it should be configured on the server side or on the client side ( i dont really care on which side it is).

has anyone done this before?



you could do this either on client side, similar to emotions (an image is displayed for (-: ) - this may be hard to maintain if you have a lot of clients.

The Content Filter Plugin for Wildfire allows to filter (drop) messages, maybe you could use it as a base and extend it for your needs (Its source is in SVN and