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How can I retrive the IP addresses of openfire logged in clients


Is there any way to retrive IP addresses of logged in users to openfire. I ll be very thankful for great time.

Admin Console shows Client IP column on Session page. Unless you need some other way to “retrieve”.

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This is a nice feature for remote access for administrator, by this way we can know the ip of the client.

It will be nice if the spark get this information from openfire.

If there is no XEP descirbing this (protocol for xmpp client), then Spark never will have such feature. And probably there is no such XEP because of privacy issues.

Actually I have connected to xmpp/openfire by using php. And I want to list the logged in users and their IP addresses in php itself. So I am asking how we can display this data through php

You could install the User Status plugin and retrieve the information trough a database query.


Is there any other way, rather using this plugin.??

You could try to parse the Active Sessions page trough an script. But good luck with that.