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How can i save user extra information in database?

Hello there,
I m using openfire for chat app and i want to store some extra information of user like age, name ,gender and photos as well and for create or update i want to use REST Api in python language. So my question is can i use the same database(Mysql of openfire) and create some extra tables as per requirment and handle from python framwork(django) or should i make another database for extra informantion?

This seems like information that traditionally goes into a vcard. You could look at that - most XMPP implementations support that. Alternatively, maybe try to use https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0049.html

Hey Thanks for reply me, but i didn’t get you properly, can you please explain. where can i store user profile details? can i use the same openfire database with restapi (with framwork) where i can call http request to fetch user profile or update profile?