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How Can I see Historic

Hey fellows! I got installed OpenFire v. 8.3.2 in a windows server 2008/86x.

I would like to know if have a way to see the historic of mensagens. I installed a plugin, but it never works. Somebody know another way or if it is possible? Thankss

I’m not too sure about that, considering, that the latest release of Openfire is only version 4.4.1 :smiley:

For message history, you should try the latest monitoring plugin.

I changed the sequence of numbers, the real version is 3.8.2.

I tried this plugin, but it doesnt work, the menu bar show me “admin.sidebar.archiving.name” and when i click in it show me a message that i dont know what mean

Use the latest Openfire version - 4.4.1.

3.8.2 is ancient and not supported.