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How can I send an IM from the command line on windows?

I am trying to find some documentation on how I can format and send a simple IM message. I would like to, at some point, also send broadcasts to a group as well.

My goal is to call a script from my network monitoring server and have it send a message to me letting me know that an event has taken place. I am not a great coder, but I am doing similar things for other forms of notification and passing in the variables that I want sent to the reciever so I am hoping I can do the same with spark/openfire.


Hey Rick,

Have you checked the Email Listener plugin? That could be a nice way for getting notifications. Another option could be to create a new plugin that will provide a new servlet (a la webservice) that will let you send a message to someone. Lastly, you can create a Java application using Smack that could be used from the command line. IIRC, there used to be some XMPP client command line based some time ago but I think that it was meant for Linux and not sure if it was ever completed.


– Gato

I had not looked at the Email Listner, and I can make that work but I am a little shocked that there isn’t a way to send a message direct from the command line. I was envisioning:

“spark.exe -username -port -serveraddress -messagetext”

Or something like that…It almost has to have something like that in the background, but unfortunately for me I know nothing about Java.

Thanks for the reply!