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How can i send Presence.Type.SUBSCRIBED?

i use smack API create a new account to jive messenger 2.2.1

and now , i want make the user who created just now send a presence(subscribed) to everyone in server?

i wanna everyone in server can see both when create a new account though smack API.

help !

You might want to use Jive Messenger which has managed group functionality.

Presence p = new Presence(Presence.Type.subscribed);




great . thanks .

but , can i send to everyone ?

Check the broadcast plugin.

en…i see. thank u

ps:broadcast just only send message to online user.

how can i send a presence(type=subscribed) to all users include offline users?

This sounds like a group roster activity. What’‘s the use case for such functionality, just so I understand what you’'re looking to do.