How can I use eclipse to compile spark?

How can I use eclipse to compile spark? Can the specify step? Thanks

I want to know what problem did you meet when compling spark?

Generally,it’'s quite easy to compile successfully!

I have the same problem…

If anyone have a good howto, I would appreciate it

I am getting ready to try the same venture of compiling my own version soon as well, if anyone comes across some basic 1,2,3 easy instructions with list of tool,apps needed, etc I would love to hear from you… I am looking forward to adding our school district’'s logo to spark. Similar to what you could get with the skinning service. Just something to personalize it a little…

You can check out spark code again

from SVN.

I’'m sure you will be successful! But you should make sure that you use jdk1.5 and

the java environment is correct. Follow my steps,it’'s very easy to go!

  1. import souce code to your project,path: your_spark_file\src\java

2.import resources to your project,path: your_spark_file\src\resources

3.import spark jar files(it’'s needed ) . All jar files is under:your_spark_file\build\lib

notice:some jar files in sub folder of lib should also be added.

if you follow these steps ,and problem also exists.

I think it’'s must your environment problem. I promise I pass it successfully from

the url I supplied you with these steps under Eclipse 3.2 and jdk1.5.

OK, that’'s it!

Doesn’'t work

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jivesoftware/Spark

Exception in thread “main”

It’'s working !

When I try to open the Spark2_5_2 folder within Eclipse it fails. But, if I create a new project named “Spark” and include only what love_peace said to include, I can execute Spark with Eclipse.

Note: I think you have to build Spark jar files first. Go to SparkDir\build and execute ant on it.

how can i download the source code of spark client !!!

or how can i import the project from this link

should i create all the class ??

please give me answer