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How can I use 'User Service' Plugin with 'SHA1'


When I add user with ‘User Service’ plugin, is it possible to encypted password with ‘SHA1’?

‘User Service’ plugin is a plain text for user addition, here is a sample.

http://example.com:9090/plugins/userService/userservice?type=add&secret=bigsecre t&username=kafka&password=drowssa****p&name=franz&email=franz@kafka.com

But I want to use like this, (ecrypted with SHA1)

http://example.com:9090/plugins/userService/userservice?type=add&secret=bigsecre t&username=kafka&password=de75c9530ed3905a24041aa7c39cd989c1a95cd6&name=franz&email=franz@kafka.com

Some one says to me, you must make a custom provider… Is it right?

I just want to use a encrypted password with ‘User Service’ by http request.

Is there any configuraton or other plugins?

Plz, help me.