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How can others find my chat room? What is my server?

I just did a very easy install of the Openfire server. I actually have me as an admin and I assigned one person (me) as a user too. I have a bunch of facebook friends from my hometown and would like to offer a chat room for them. In particular the one’s I graduated with. What do I send them so they can get to the chat room I created.

I have been trying to find my server ip, my server name etc but when I click on the admin tab for server it says, server name dtvmint16. It doesn’t give me an ip address. Now most of these folks will be coming from facebook and a few maybe from skype. How can they get to our chatroom?

I would like to be able to send them a link or something where they click on it and make it to the room. Is that possible with OF?


This is my first server and is on my Linux Mint 16 machine. If all goes well this will be my server machine. Oh, I tried to get to my server from my xchat account but no luck.

Here are a couple screenshots of my setup. Thanks.

They need to connect via a jabber client, and they would need your host name or IP address. Or, if you set up some kind of web chat on a website they could use that. Full Disclosure: I am almost as much of an openfire noob as you are.