How can we do pagination in contact list

I want to pagination in contacts. When client login to openfire system. We have to do pagination. Anyone Idea about it

This is Openfire Dev forum. Do you want to do pagination in client (Spark, etc.) or somewhere in Admin Console? Where exactly?

Yes I know this is openfire devlopement forum. I want to pagination at sever side for mobile jabber client, because some mobile client has less processing capbility and memmory.

I see. I’m not a developer, but i think you should explain that in more details. Just “pagination” doesnt say much. Do you want server to send roster to a user in portions? So when a user in that mobile client press say “page 2” server will send other part of roster? Maybe that makes sense for system resources, but that would be a bit unconvinient for a user. Anyway, as i said i’m not a developer and can’t help you further.

Yes, I want to send rosteritem from roster of mobile client in portions. If client ask for page 2nd then I return 2nd portion of toatl rosteritems. The page return to client may be based on prirorties like user to whom client chat frequently comes first page.

You not devloper but you try to help me .

Thanks wroot