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How do I change the domain name for logins?

So, my company is example.com. We have LDAP. My chat server is chat.internal.example.com. So when my LDAP authenticated users log in, I’d like them to be able to log in as "user@example.com". But that doesn’t seem to work. Instead they have to log in as "user@chat.internal.example.com", and that is frustrating for many people, as you might imagine. Any solutions to this?

Again, any help would be much appreciated!


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Change the XMPP.Domain to ‘example.com’ in the Openfire Server Admin Console.


Chat client users point their clients at chat.internal.example.com, and use XMPP domain example.com, or done thru DNS SVR records.


I’m starting to really love you people. Thanks for the help! Working now! :slight_smile: