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How do I change what is being logged under debug?

When I switch on debug I get loads of stuff logged (like some apache httpclient stuff from a plugin).

Is there any way of selecting what gets logged? In JBOSS there’s a config file where you set the namespace and level. Is there anything like that?

For anyone that stumbles across this, the answer was in here:

java - How to create my own logging configuration for an Openfire Plugin - Stack Overflow

In Openfire installation, under lib directory, there’s a config file named


just modify this and override default one.

If you need a log4j tutorial, check out at: https://www.mkyong.com/logging/log4j-xml-example

In you case you can:

  • redirect your own classes in another custom file
  • redirect all debug in another file and keep your custom class in default debug log so it will be viable by Openfire webinterface
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