How do I configure for open access?

I am trying to login to my server using my gmail credentials - so I can add the contact to the gtalk account, the only way to get AOL on my verizon balckberry. I am using Psi and cannot browse the server when I hit it with gmal credentials, if I use the user account information I setup it works fine. I tried setting up a user and Openfire doesn’t like that.

Any thoughts ?

you can not login to your server with a gmail account unless your JID is

Please forgive my inexperience with this - as I am new to the service.

How is it that I can hit servers like or and use my gmail credentials ? is it just a matter of different server software?

I tried to put in my mail ID as specified, but the @ symbols were not parsed correctly - they came back as \40

Thanks in advance for any help.


You may be creating a new account at the point of login on there server. Who really knows. Not even sure what server software they are using. So in short yeah different server software. On openfire you must login to the server with your Openfire JID. if you must use your gmail account as your openfire account your need to create it with teh escape characters as the @ symbol is an invalid character. So you need to use the \40 or whatever teh escape code is for the @ symbol.

I have tried a fair number of combinations - including:


Still getting this error:

Using the same Psi client I am able to login as - so I know the server is up and running.

I want to be able to run an AIM transport - so I can use gtalk to communication with AIM users, hence the need to login with the account name.

openfire does not allow for what you are trying to do. I will allow you to talk with each transport individually, but cross transport chat is not possible to the best of my knowledge. The gateway plugin allows you to chat with users on the supported network. You need to login to the server with your openfire account not your gmail account.