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How do I correctly setup my group mappings?

Hi I am using Openfire with LDAP integration and am having problems to get my group mapping correct. Under LDAP I have a main group “users” (ou) which contains a two subgroups (cn) called “corporate” and “management”. I have populated both groups with a few users and configured openfire accordingly to the DN ou=users,dc=host,dc=domain, dc=com. I have left the group mapping to its default settings: Group Field = cn, Member Field = member, Description = description. When it test the configuration I get a list of all the entries under my main ldap group “users”. The 'company" and “management” groups indicate 0 members and all users are listed as if they were groups. I tried to use various suggestions of group / user filtering from this forum, but am having trouble setting this up correctly. I would like for both users and groups to display correctly via the webadmin site and Spark. I would also like Spark to populate all the OpenFire members automatically when users log in. This seems not to work for me either using LDAP, although it works using OpenFire’s native configuration. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks.

Users show depending on your baseDN. If your users are not within your baseDN then they will not show in your groups.