How do I create Groups if I have LDAP enabled?

I am trying to figure out how to create a group with LDAP enabled…

Any tips or pointers to documentation ?



Hey John,

LDAP is treated as read-only by Openfire. That means that you will have to create the new group in LDAP and Openfire will read it. Note that you might need to restart Openfire as well if you are not able to see the new group from Openfire (or alternatively you can flush the group’s cache).


– Gato

the other option is to not use LDAP for your group provider. This would aloow you to use Users from LDAP but make your own groups via openfire. You need to edit your openfire.xml to do this.

Oh, I like this…

are there examples of how to configure this?



you could just try remarking out the group provider section of the openfire.xml.