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How do i delete the view contact history permanently

when your active in the program if you right click someone’'s name you can view the entire history. I want to be delelte that info permanently. Can anyone please help me. Thanks

Welcome Willy,

is “Disable Chat History” in “Spark” -> “Preferences” what you are looking for?


I just selected that option but I want to delete my old history and bear in mind that I do not have admin privleages - I just realized alot of stuff from work was being logged

Hi Willy,

Spark 1.1.3 does offer you to delete the old history if you disable it. Which version are you using?



  • Prompt user to have their history deleted when they check “Disable chat history is enabled”. was fixed in 1.1.2 so you need to delete it manually ):


Is there an easy explanation on how to do that and keep in mind again I do not have admin privelages. Thank you for your help

The log files are stored in %USERPROFILE%\Spark\user - this should be your directory.

But also incoming files are stored there, so please make sure that you do not delete everything in this directory. Deleting *.xml should be ok.