How do I determine if a user I setup has never logged in?

I’m the administrator of an Openfire Enterprise 3.3.0 server. When requested, I add users. I’ve been asked to provide a list of the people who although setup as users have never logged in to the server. Is there a way to do that?

Hi David,

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to do this due to bugs with how openfire stores user information. Anyway, there are some tricks you can try. Check out the ofPresence table for your users. If they ever logged in and then out, an entry will show up there noting the time of their last logout. If the user is currently logged in, you will find no entry there, which is also the case if the user has never logged in. So the math is:

(All my users) - (those logged in) - (Those found in ofPresence) = (those that haven’t logged in)

The only edge case to this is for users who use clients that never send a stanza, they will not appear in ofPresence either.