How do i do a different routing rule for Fast Path

Currently, Fastpath send a chat request on a round robin manner or on another of its own algothim to the workgroup. I am wondering if i could add in my own algothim to do that.

Hi sleeping,

It is possible to add your own algorithm to the workgroup, but it would require quite a bit of customization. It would be easier and more straight-forward to use a custom Router and specialized routing rules in conjunction with the round robin dispatcher to acheive your goals. If you provide us with more details on what you are trying to accomplish we can give you some ideas.



We are trying to build a call centre application where every client in that workgroup or those assigned for that queue will receive the message and will depends on who click on that response first.

If that is not possible, we hope to be able to distribute out the work in a seuential manner

I too am interested in a different routing setup…

I have my routing setup so min chat = 1, max chat = 2…

Say i have ‘‘Bob’’ & ‘‘Peter’’ in this Queue… The way the current routing seems to work is that unless Bob is currently in a chat, Peter will never get a chat put through to him… After Bob ends a chat (so is no longer on a chat) the next always go to him again.

The current alorgithm seems to be something like this…

-Sort users by Alpha

-Check 1st person

-If current chat sessions < min chat then give them this call

-Else move to next person

-If current chat sessions < min chat then give them this call


It would be better if the routing would pickup that Bob has just ended a chat & Peter hasn’'t had any chats, so Peter would get the next chat… i.e. more like how Call Centre phone system works… Share the load around…

If something like this isn’'t possible, then maybe having a Random selection order would still be better than always using straight Alpha…

Or… the system mentioned above, where all users get the chat request & first to respond gets the chat… That would probably work well too.



I wonder how we can change this routing as the current rule is not an effective way for call centre.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply. The way that chats are dispatched can be changed, but it requires customization of Fastpath. If you are still interested, please contact the Jive Software sales team at “sales at jivesoftware dot com” with details about the type of routing you are interested in and they can work with you to get a quote for the custom work.



Wait, are you saying that if user’'s A, B, and C are available to chat. And person A takes one and finishes it before another chat comes in. Then person A will receive the next chat?

Thats no good. The standard style should be that the person who has gone the longest without a chat gets it next.

I agree, but from the look of it this seems to be the case.

Hi Greg,

My team would like to do the customisation ourself. Will it be possible if some help could be given to us for that kind of work to be done.

Hi twm,

What you specified is exactly how it is going to be in the release.



when will that be avilable. I do not mind coding it myself, i just need some source code.

Was this ever implemented (person longest without a chat gets the next one). The current behavior seems more in line with the rest of the analysis on the thread (Chats routed sequentially to the first available agent).