How do I enable/disable certain options in preferences?


I need help changing some of the source code for the Spark IM application. An example is needing help to permanently enable Spell Check, Auto Spell Check, and Ignore Upper/Lowercase. I am currently editing the and but I’m not sure what to change. Please help me


So I’ve kept making changes to the spell check java files and realized that nothing directly happens to the program. Is there another file that controls the spell check?

First you should delete file in your Spark profile (Appdata\Roaming\Spark) as it would override any program defaults.

Then edit /src/plugins/spelling/src/java/org/jivesoftware/spellchecker/SpellcheckerPrefer and add:


after 128 line

Then change in /src/plugins/spelling/src/java/org/jivesoftware/spellchecker/SpellcheckerPrefer

on lines 76, 84 and 108 false value to true

As this is a plugin, it is build with a separate Ant task. If using Eclipse, you would expand Spark’s Ant task tree, then right-click “build.plugins” task and select Run As > 1 And Build

This will build spellchecker plugin with your changes and you should see them when running your Spark build (just make sure file is not there; it will get created if you save spelling settings). You don’t have to rebuild Spark for this as i found out.

I’m not a developer myself, just poking around the code It took me an hour to figure out why IgnoreUppercase setting is not reflecting my changes. It looks like it was added by another person and he missed the first part of loading it. I think i will commit this to the main source and also will make IgnoreUppercase formatting look more like the rest preferences code.

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Thanks! My issue was what you stated about building the plugin separately. No wonder no changes took affect when I edited the Java files… Problem Solved