How do I get my stored offline messages?

I was wondering why I don’‘t get notifications about new forum topics and posts on my board anymore, while I’‘m offline. With the ejabberd server, those were stored and delivered to me as soon as I logged back in with Psi. Now, with Wildfire 2.6.2, they’‘re stored, I can see them in the MySQL database, but they’‘re not delivered. Even when I go offline and online in Jabber again, the server just won’‘t send me the messages. How can I turn that on so that stored offline messages are automatically sent to me when I’‘m back online? It’'s just a few, so far away from the quota.


I’‘m not sure what might be happening. When you send an available presence to Wildfire, it should deliver all your messages. One idea – Wildfire has support for flexible offline message retrievel (JEP-0013). Is it possible that PSI is detecting support for that feature on the server and turning off automated delivery of messages, assuming that you’'ll use some other offline message UI? You might take a look at the traffic log to find out or ask the Psi development team.



Did Psi 0.9.3 support that? At least I haven’‘t found a UI for anything like this and the traffic log doesn’‘t show anything I wouldn’'t know. Today again at least 3 offline messages did not reach me.

Updated Wildfire from 2.6.2 to 3.0.1 and JRE from to today, restarted the whole thing and as soon as Psi logged in, I received about 60 messages from the past weeks! I’'ll see if it keeps delivering offline messages now.