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How do I Join two openfire servers (branch offices)

We run a openfire server at different offices. Can someone tell me how I join both servers so anyone on either server can see the other?

I see the section Server to Server Settings in the admin section but how do I make each server aware of the other?

We use heavily the asterisk-im plugin will userA on server1 be able to see userB on server2 status if they are on a phone etc… ?

Have just found this documentation so that helps some… Still not sure if user status will change when staff are on calls etc… between servers. I will setup two test servers and experiment.


as long as the users have subscriptions and you are using different domain name for both servers this should work fine.

Anyhow it more be a better idea to use only one central server as you may already have a VPN connection between your offices. This should also allow you to use only one VoIP server, making the management more easy.