How do I operate the roster directly?

i want to modify the one’'s roster in database directly?who can tell me how to do it?

i tend to modify jiveRoster(table) and jiveRosterGroups(table),but there is something wrong with my operation.when i delete the item in one’'s roster ,but i still find the one which i delete in the client …

it probably due to a local roster file in the client. I see that alot with my clients using JAJC. You delete, but then because the client has the item, it will either show up or sometimes will actually reinsert it in the database. Easiest is to delete from client, shut it off, then delete it from the DB.


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thanks jeff.

i try to clean the cache ,than the result is that i excepted.but if i want to get the right result ,i must clean the cache using the admin plantform.

so how can i clean the cache in client side? lanuage is C#.

is there server api which i can call?or i can config the parament in server side ?

thanks !