How do I point Webchat to my local Openfire server through the web?

Thats bascially it ladies and gentlemen. How do I get the Webchat to communicate with my Openfire server? I have tried this all locally and it works fine through now I want it to work through the web. Please help me as I have exhausted my knowledge which is minimal. Thanks!

If you’re running OPF in a *nix env take a look at this doc, specifically the proxypass directive in Apache22. If you are using windows or another web service, you would need something similar. Hope that helps.

Thanks for that slicer. As I was looking around my gut kept telling me that proxypass might be the solution. I don’t know how to use it but I am going to figure it out and give it a shot. If there are any other suggestions I welcome all that you have. Thanks!