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How Do I Publish Fastpath to the WWW

Hi All,

We have recently set up an Openfire Server and installed Spark clients for a group of test users, and I must say t hat it is the best thin gs going right now. So we decided to try the Fastpath Plugins in order to provided Live Chat Support for our external customers. We have setup Fastpath on our Intranet aznd it works great. My question is what are the steps to providing it to our Internet users?

  1. make sure openfire is named with an external Fully Qualified Domain Name
    1. Server Name
  2. system property: xmpp.domain should be the same as Server Name
  3. self generated certificates need to match Server Name
  4. Add external A record in your external DNS for the Server Name
  5. open required ports for chat including 9090 if fastpath webchat is installed on the openfire server

Moved to another thread: “Issues with Fastpath Web Chat setup

Hey Todd, Thank you for your knowledge!

We do not have any hosting of any sort here and we work on a workgroup setup (hence no FQDN).

I can use our public IP ‘http://...:9090/webchat/’ and everything works great! The problem is, I am putting the button on a existing website (hosted somewhere else) and I get nothing when I click the button.

  • xmpp.domain is the name of my server which is simply named server2.
  • copied webchat.war to a Webapps directory at our host.
  • I have ports 9090 & 5222 opened. Do I need 5222 or any others?

Here is the code that I’ve included on the webpage:


Any thoughts?