How do I restart the server/service so Spark works again?

I am newbie when it comes to Openfire/Spark. Last week I changed the Admin password on the Server that this was all running on. Now Spark does not work. I have rebooted the server and saw the OpenFire server. I started that. But Spark still will not work. I have tried the launch Admin button, but don’t know the user or password for it. I tried to change it from some things I have read on other posts but that did not work. Any help in getting this back to working again would be great! The person I replaced left no notes on how she setup this service. I know that the service was pulling the users from my Active Directory is this helps any.

Thanks Bunches!

I think if you modify value of “ldap.adminPassword” in ofProperty table that should do the trick, and remember to restart service after