How do I turn off Broadcast?


I’m not sure if I’m asking this correctly but I’ll give it a go. I’m using Spark 2.6.3 on Windows 7 Professional. I have Spark connected to my GTalk account. Anytime I get an email to my Gmail account, I get a IM notification that I’ve received a new email. I’d like to turn this off (so much!). I’ve tried turning all notifications off and have tried to have only the box checked off that says “Show new messages in the system tray” because I thought that would only flash the rectangle in the bottom right corner.

I hope I’m making sense but I hope more that someone can help me out.

Thanks so much!


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How exactly have you Gtalk account connected? As far as i know you can’t connect to Gtalk via Spark directly. The only way i know is by using Kraken transport. It shows a Gtalk icon in Spark’s toolbar and then you can enter your Google credentials to login. In this case i think there is an option in Kraken settings to turn this off (can’t check right now). This can be done only by an administrator of the server.

Thanks for the reply. Your description of the GTalk icon sounds correct. I wasn’t aware of Kraken but I’ll definitely check with our Network Admin.

And here’s this setting. I think i remember this annoying me too

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Thank you so much! I forwarded this to our Network Admin. If this works, my entire office will be grateful (we’re still happy someone replied regardless).

This got approved and worked! Thank you so much! I almost expected a round of applause from folks in my office. Much appreciated!

Glad to help