How do we store group chat conversations on MySQL database? XMPP Openfire

I am building a web chat application. I want to store the group messages conversations after every press of “Enter” button. I am using Openfire Server, and MySQL database. I don’t see any tables from the database that stores the group conversations.I have also installed Monitoring Plugin but it only stores one to one conversation in ofoffline table of openfire in mysql database but i also want to store group chat conversation.

for one to one chat history i used below link of stack How do we store chat conversations on MySQL database? XMPP Openfire

Is there any other plugins for that or any other way to store group chat conversation?

As the accepted answer on that StackOverflow question mentions, the monitoring plugin can be used to record group chat messages, as well as one-on-one messages, but you need to enable this in the admin console.

Hi i have enabled the Archiving setting of Monitoring service plugin.But then also it is not storing the group chat history in openfire mysql database table or Is there any PHP code is provided by openfire to retrieve the group chat history.

I’m not sure what to advice at this point. I’ve just tested it locally, and messages do get saved to the database as expected.

ok Do you have any idea in which table it is stored in Openfire Mysql Database.

It is in the “OFMESSAGEARCHIVE” table. This information is in the stack overflow question that you linked to yourself though!

Thanks for your support but there is no “OFMESSAGEARCHIVE” table exist in database.

Then you did not install the Monitoring plugin correctly.