How do you do long user filters in the new 2.6 openfire

First. Although I think the idea of storing everything in the DB is a great idea, I am having several issues. First, the rpm kept re-starting startup on me from the beginning. ditched and went back to what I know, the tar file.

Second problem. I am trying to put in a rather long string in the user filter. it looks something like this.


This search string is not overly out of touch with my actual string. I am only a couple of letters off. Is it that the database will not allow something this long as a search string, or have you guys redesigned it so that I have to redo my search string? I have users in four different containers that split partway into the DN so I cannot reply on just the base dn. I am trying to do a member of class there so I only have those that are authorized to use the IM server (currently about 6000 users)

I cannot get past this point in the install, and I cannot use my old config file, so basically stuck here folks. Anyone help?

I am glad to see that the other thread helped you as well. You now need only the query no cdata wrapper.