How do you make FastPath and the Webchat part work?

I’ve been trying to setup FastPath and the Webchat plugin for 4 days now. I’ve had basically no success with either. I’ve installed both the FastPath and Webchat plugin by placing them in the plugins directory of Openfire. They both created a directory under plugins when I dropped them in there.

I’m running on Windows 2003 SP1 and using IIS6 as the host for my Openfire/Fastpath application. I upgraded from a previous Wildfire (yes over a year old) build to the latest version of OpenFire.

The main issues I’m having are the following:

  1. When I click on the FastPath tab, none of my groups have members, even though they are logged into Spark.

  2. When I click FastPath, then Tools I get a HTTP Error:404 NOT_FOUND RequestURI=/webchat

I’m totally lost at this point. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I had many problems getting this to work also. I have it working but it only will run on the same ports the admin ports work on. Here’s how I did it.

Install openfire 3.5.2

Install the plugins from the plugin page (not download and copy to directory) - Fastpath service and Fastpath webchat

Then click on tools and you must put in the servername that your server is seen from the outside (or the nat IP or external IP)… Like

You type the port number of your xmpp client to server connections which is the first one in the port list on the “server information” page.

Click the button and it should say you are connected to the server.

Click on Fastpath and create a group, put yourself in that group. Then go to tools. You should now see something differant than the first time.

List of available workgroups within Fastpath

Click on one of the following workgroups to join.

You should see a button for you to click to start a web session. If you log into spark and look at the bottom of the client, you should now see a fastpath tab. You can choose your group and log in. Notice the button changes when you are not logged in.

Now, you can either give out this page, or put this button on another web page which I recommend so that the end user doesn’t see your server address and port numbers.

The code to put the button on another webpage looks similar to this.

<!-- Insert this snippet where you would like the Chat button image to show up -->

<script language=“JavaScript” type=“text/javascript”






<!-- End of Fastpath Snippet -->

The port 9095 is the port for my web admin. ( I can’t figure yet out how to get this to run on a differant port other than the web admin port)

Remember to open the firewall port to let this through or you will not see the button on the outside world and the chat will not work.

Make sense?

Thank you very much for your reply. While I haven’t gotten to test it throughly yet, FastPath actually seems to be more stable than before. I’ve actually been able to run it all day without it crashing.

My users still don’t appear in the queues I have setup when they login to Spark. Do they have to login to FastPath seperately? I thought that logging into Spark would log them into FastPath as well. I am using an older version of Spark (2.5.1) if that matters.

I use spark 2.5.8 with the fastpath plugin installed for spark. When I log in there is a fastpath tab at the bottom. When you go in there, you must click the workgroup you want to join, and click join. I’ve seen situations of other users if they are only a member of 1 group, it will log them in automatically. You may have to upgrade all of your clients which is a pain, but 2.5.8 is much more stable.

It would REALLY HELP if the docs, plugin, etc actually mentioned that the ENTERPRISE EDITION of Openfire is needed before people waste hours.

Overall feeling on Openfire and all associated with it. Nice product, documentation is absolutely hopeless.

What a waste of an afternoon.

Hi Jenny,

The Enterprise version of the Openfire effectively doesn’t exist anymore. Rather it has been split into multiple plugins which with the exception of the clustering plugin are all free and opensource. See these blog posts for more info:

  • New open source plugins with enterprise features are now available

  • Webchat client of Fastpath is now available

Hope that helps,


True, I’ve never purchased the Enterprise license. I use Fastpath and run the webchat through apache tomcat on a windows server… Works nice… & FREE.

I don’t think the Openfire Enterprise version is needed. I’m running Fastpath on Openfire open source version 3.5.2 and clients in Spark 3.5.8 and the Fastpath routing and auto-login are working fine.

Granted, I have it in testing and have not fully deployed it beyond 2 computers, and both users are in the same and only Fastpath workgroup (and thus autologin to Fastpath works).

Ahhhhaaa … many thanks for those who posted and corrected me … (whoops, me) …

I’m running with Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6, are there any documents that would take me through getting this working, please?

Or if someone can step me through what I need to do?

Thanks in advance … Jenny

Omg … this is scary … it works … i can understand why very little in the way of docs are included … they just aren’t needed … I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult to get working … totally threw me !

So … thanks all … and good job FastPath and Openfire … thank you